Waita LLC


The Limited Liability Company waita-kai was founded in January 2011 by all local households and is located in the area of Oguni-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture, in the Hage hot spring and Take hot spring area. Some of the company owners manage hot spring ryokan and others produce agriculture products while operating the geothermal power plants. In June 2015, we started commercial operation of geothermal power plants for the first time in 16 years in Japan. (See After that, we also have developed an injection well and been generating 1,995 kilowatts of electricity.


Team Waita is created by Waita LLC members to develop this region by local resources, such as heat, natural resource, agriculture, steam culinary and tourism.

Waita District


The Waita district is located at the foot of the mountain which was adjacent to the Oita prefecture, and it is also known as a hot spring resort. Waita Onsen town has long been popular with hot-spring fans as a secret hot spring, but since it is located in the middle of famous Yufuin and Kurokawa Onsen, it is a hidden presence. 80 peple in 30 households live in a distant area. Tourism centered on hot spring inns and agriculture blessed with a cool climate supports the livelihood of this place.

Waita Geothermal Products

The hot water supplied from the power plant is also used for greenhouse cultivation and distribution to the residents, and it is indispensable for livelihood in the district. Taking advantage of these resources, we recently launched cooking classes for tourists, such as harvesting of herbs at the greenhouse, cooking steamed local ingredients at the public hall, and then meals. We are preparing menus unique to the district such as wild boars Jibie French and fresh seafood from Beppu Bay. In addition, Marche products which combines dried tomatoes, garlic, basil, shiitake mushrooms and olive oil has also been developed and provided as a souvenir.


We also introduce flooring materials and furniture / interior that dried Oguni cedar by geothermal.